About us

Dear Friends,

You must be proud of your self to be a medical student and you must have a dream to be a successful practitioner.

What do you need to be a successful practitioner?

You need the basic knowledge of all the subjects with its clinical application. You can learn it only from an experienced teacher who is practicing and have diagnosed and treated thousands of patients and is ready to share his clinical experiences with you.

Taking into consideration the need of students myself had designed a Reorientation programme for medical students and running it successfully since 1999.

Highlights of classes


Teaching only by Dr. Shantanu R. Joshi, who has a clinical & teaching experience of more than 13 years & having own Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.


Dr. Shantanu Joshi has treated more than 11,000 Patients and has trained more than 11,000 Students.


Dr. Shantanu Joshi discusses on clinical cases during his lectures.


Video clippings of all Surgical, Semi-Surgical & other Medical procedures.


Presentation on LCD projector.